Chico World Music Festival

September 13th, 2014 | posted by:

We had a great gig at POPS Dunsmuir tonight. Maz, Jeanne and Russel opened the concert with a trio set of taiko and saxophone improvisation. On Ensemble played the second half to a great audience of supporters and fans. It’s always nice to come back and play for the hometown crowd!

Today we’re performing at the Chico World Music Festival at 2 and 5pm. The best part of the festival is that it’s FREE so come by if you are in the Chico area!

On Ensemble at the Chico World Music Festival
CSU Chico

Suzuki Sensei is coming to LATI!

September 10th, 2014 | posted by:


While Maz and Shoj are off on tour, I’m holding down the fort here at home. Things at Los Angeles Taiko Institute have been fantastic, and I’m pleased to announce that Suzuki Sensei will be coming to the Institute this month to teach an intensive on Shishi Mai (lion dance) and the accompanying music in a workshop on fue (flute) and a workshop on taiko. A number of us will be taking all three. We’re really excited!

Suzuki Sensei’s lion dance emphasizes the cat-like nature of the shishi, with a full range of gestures from high energy hopping and lunging, to licking the fur and napping. In short, we love Suzuki Sensei’s shishi mai! He’s also an amazing musician and accomplished flutist. Maz and Shoj studied flute with Suzuki Sensei, and he performs regularly with Kenny Endo and other taiko greats.

Yuta and the other LATI staff and I will be making practice lion masks for the participants of the two-day intensive, where Suzuki Sensei will give 12 hours of instruction. We plan to make this the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Suzuki Sensei, with annual visits to help us improve our shishi mai and musicality. Join us and start learning from the beginning!

Recent book reviews — September 2014

September 9th, 2014 | posted by:

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On Ensemble at POPS Dunsmuir

September 9th, 2014 | posted by:

We’ve been having a great tour so far! Started up in Seattle with three WAA showcases then drove all night to get to Bend OR where we performed at Crows Feet Common. On Sunday night we had a great performance at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley and will be performing at POPS in Dunsmuir, CA with Jeanne Mercer and Russel Baba of Shasta Taiko this Friday Sept 12th at 7:30pm!

On Ensemble with Russel Baba and Jeanne Mercer
Friday Sept 12th, 7:30pm
POPS Dunsmuir
Admission $10
5819 Sacramento Ave.
Dunsmuir, CA

On Ensemble at Freight and Salvage

August 26th, 2014 | posted by:

Bay Area people! On Ensemble will be performing at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley on Sunday September 7th at 8:00pm! Tickets are $21 advanced/$23 at the door and available through the Freight and Salvage website.

On Ensemble in concert at Freight and Salvage
Sunday Sept 7th 8:00pm
2020 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
ph: (510) 644-2020 /

On Ensemble at the WAA Conference

August 26th, 2014 | posted by:

“Aside from the incredible talent and energy of the On Ensemble, we found them to be a presenter’s dream.”
- Marlene Hendrickson, University of Montana Presents

“I would recommend On Ensemble highly for any presenter looking for an engaging and enlightening world-music ensemble.”
- Theresa Willis Peters, Program Coordinator, Design for Sharing

“On Ensemble takes taiko way beyond is folkloric roots and moves it into new frontiers”
-  Stan Shikuma, International Examiner


Founded by childhood friends Shoji Kameda and Masato (Maz) Baba, On Ensemble’s exceptional musicality takes the ancient instruments of taiko into the modern age. On Ensemble will be showcasing at the WAA Conference:
WAA Showcase Schedule
Sheraton Aspen Room
Tues Sept 2nd, 10:10pm
Wed Sept 3rd, 9:30pm
Thurs Sept 4th, 9:30pm

Represented by Cadence Arts Network Booth 601

New Promo Photos

August 17th, 2014 | posted by:

We took some new promo photos a couple of months ago this time with Kris, David, Maz and myself and I’ve uploaded them to our Press-kit. We’ve also updated our bio in preparation for the upcoming WAA conference to reflect the new organization and additions to our group. Enjoy the photos!






Online Taiko and Fue Lessons at kaDON!

August 17th, 2014 | posted by:


For the past year I’ve been working with Kenny Endo, Kaoru Watanabe and Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten to on a new online taiko teaching resource called kaDON! I’m very excited about this venture as I feel that we are at an important moment in the growth of taiko as an art form. There has a been an incredible growth of taiko groups throughout the world. This past month the World Taiko Gathering held here in Los Angeles brought taiko groups from throughout the United States, Japan, UK, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Argentina for an amazing weekend of workshops, networking and concerts. It was so inspiring to be around all of these people from around the world that shared the same passion for the taiko. It’s my sincerest hope that kaDON will help facilitate the further growth and development of taiko throughout the world by providing high quality instruction and repertoire to as many people as possible!

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