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Taiko Heroes Finished!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

abe david
kris eien
shoji maz

We had a great couple of performances this past weekend! A huge thank you goes out to Justin and Philip for making our stay at the Miles Memorial Playhouse awesome as always. Thank you to Aya and Jennifer for helping us sell merch and woman the ticket table! And a big thank you to all of you who made it out to the concerts!

Our music is always evolving as we explore different influences, play with new musicians and grow as artists and people. Recently I’ve felt our music has a taken a big step forward thanks to the contributions that Eien, Abe and David have made to the group. They have brought a more jazz inspired sensibility to the group and a whole new level of melody harmonic sophistication. The music has really opened up with new possibilities. We are relying more on our senses and improvising parts and even whole sections of pieces so that every time we perform something new happens. It’s been a lot of fun and even pieces that we’ve been playing for years now feel like they have new life and energy. Looking forward to a lot more music making with these guys!

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