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The biggest cooking disaster since that green tea syrup incident

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Okay. So round one of soba making did not go well. It was an unmitigated disaster. A catastrophic failure of epic proportions. And let’s set one thing straight. This isn’t a “hahaha isn’t it funny when you let your husband into the kitchen” kind of post. No not at all. In my family I’m the one that does the cooking and I take a certain amount of pride in my domestic abilities. But not this night. No. The gods of soba have seen my pride and have humbled me.

I have a few excuses. But none worth writing about. It turns out that soba actually being noodles is kind of key. Soba pellets are not nearly as delicious. Not at all.

I actually made my wife laugh out loud at the dinner table. She was really trying to be a sport. She knew I’d be upset at how it turned out and was trying to not make eye contact. I took one bite and said “this is a disaster” and she burst out laughing. Yep. Soba pellet comedy.

She opened a can of refried beans and made a burrito for dinner. A bean frigging burrito. I couldn’t cook something better than a bean burrito… from a can. I just embarrassed a thousand generations of my ancestors.

I’m am humbled but undeterred. I will give the wife a little break from having to eat soba disasters but will be back at it after the weekend. What is that saying about a thousand mile journey starting with… an unmitigated disaster.

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