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Dillon, Salmon and elk

Friday, March 8th, 2013

We spent the last day in Ontario getting some practice and playing some more Kings of Tokyo.



After saying bye to the great hospitality in Ontario we hit the road for Dillon. We got into Dillon checked into our hotel got a night of rest then had an educational outreach program and a full concert later that night. A huge thank you goes out to Jerry and Steve and the Southwest Montana Arts Council for bringing us to Dillon. Jerry said we could quote him when he called On Ensemble “The best thing to ever come to Dillon”.


We didn’t get to stay in Dillon long as we had to get to Salmon Idaho for an early morning performance. We packed up the trailer after the concert and drove all night to get to Salmon. During the drive we saw no cars on the road but a TON of elk. I’m not even joking. We passed three herd of the massive beasts on our way into Salmon. It was dark as we arrived so it wasn’t until the morning that we saw what a beautiful area we were in.






In the morning we performed an educational outreach program for the local elementary and high school students then had an evening performance at the Elk’s Club. Maz and I grew up practicing at the Rod and Gun club which was filled with mounted elk and deer head so we felt right at home. The performance was great fun and the audience was very enthusiastic. A huge thank you goes out to Tess and Todd and the Salmon Arts Council for brining us to their beautiful town.




Today we drove from Salmon to Missoula for a radio interview on Montana PUblic Radio. Then we got a quick ice cream before our preview performance.



Tomorrow we perform at the University of Montana’s Dennison Theater at 7:30pm. After that we’ll be headed to Helena. More coming soon!

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