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Up Next: On Ensemble and Patrick Graham in Montreal

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Our next performance will be a Workshop and Mini-concert/Video Shoot at Timpano Percussion with multi percussionist Patrick Graham in Montreal!

Workshop : 3-5:30pm
Mini-concert/Video Shoot : 7pm

Workshop and Concert – $40 | Concert only – $5

Info: (514) 528-9535

Timpano Percussion
2525 Rachel East, Montréal, QC, Canada

TAIKO 2.0 Guest Artist Profile: Patrick Graham

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Only two weeks to our big TAIKO 2.0 concert at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts!  Today we are highlighting Montreal based multi-percussionist Patrick Graham.  Patrick is one of our favorite artists to work with and is the quintessential “On Ensemble” kind of musician.  He fuses his training in Western classical and contemporary music with his extensive explorations of Mediterranean, Irish, South Indian and Japanese rhythms to create a highly personal, cross-cultural approach to percussion.  The ability to draw inspiration from every corner of the globe yet make music that is personal is something that we strive for and Patrick approach has had a huge influence on On Ensemble’s music.

I first met Patrick at a frame drum workshop he was giving in Tokyo while I was living there. After meeting him I remember being encouraged knowing that there were other musicians out there wandering the globe following the same path I was on.  Several years later once we started On Ensemble we were re-introduced through a mutual acquaintance who thought we would be natural collaborators.  Imagine the surprise when it turns out we had met several years earlier half way around the world!  Ever since then we’ve played together every chance we can and we’re looking forward to having Patrick be a part of TAIKO 2.0 at the Cerritos Center.

Also check out Patrick’s album Rheo which is an On Ensemble favorite and features two tracks that we’ll be performing at Cerritos Center!

Next up: TAIKO 2.0 at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Our TAIKO 2.0 collaboration with Russel Baba, Jeanne Mercer, Kaoru Watanabe and Patrick Graham at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts is coming Saturday March 12th at 8pm!  Russel, Jeanne, Kaoru and Patrick are four of our favorite artists to work with.  We’ve been working on new material and it’s going to be one of best concerts to date!  We’ve also added another special guest artist Kodo’s principal dancer Chieko Kojima.  Chieko is on tour this month in the US and we were able to work out her schedule to have her join us for a special performance on the Cerritos stage.  Tickets are on sale now and are available through the Cerritos Center box office.

On Ensemble with guest artists: Russel Baba, Jeanne Mercer, Kaoru Watanabe, Patrick Graham and Chieko Kojima
Saturday March 12th, 8:00pm

Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
12700 Center Court Drive
Cerritos, CA  90703
Tickets $61/$49/$37
Box Office:  (800) 300-4345

This will be our third time presenting a collaborative concert at the Cerritos Center.  Our last concert was with Kenny Endo and you can read a review of the concert at CerritosInk blog.

Brattleboro Wrap-up

Monday, January 12th, 2009


Our performance in Brattleboro was great fun and we have many people to thank. First of all a big thank you goes out to Todd Roach and the Loft for presenting us at the New England Youth Theater. I was blown away by the community of world percussionist that Todd has nurtured in Brattleboro. It’s great to see the arts thrive in smaller more rural communities. Another great big thank you goes out to Patrick Cooperman of Cooperman drums for letting us stay at his beautiful home in Grafton. Cooperman drums makes some of the best frame drums around and his house is full of great antique drums… a drummer’s paradise.

Finally a huge thank you goes out to Patrick Graham for coming down and playing with us. Patrick should be familiar to On Ensemble fans and he has a new solo CD coming out soon called “Rheō“. I got a chance to hear some of the tracks on “Rheō” and they sound amazing. Patrick has a series of CD release concerts coming up in Montreal so check them out if you are in the area:

Rheō – A concert series marking the release of Patrick Graham’s first solo CD, featuring guests Ben Grossman (hurdu-gurdy & electronics), Kaoru Watanabe (fue & flute) & Tomomi Morimoto (contemporary dance)
January 22nd-23rd
MAI, Montreal arts interculturels
Montreal, Quebec

Studio Daze pt. 1

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Maz and I spent today in the studio working on our annual FoundatiOn Team EP.  Our FoudatiOn Team EPs are our chance to experiment in the studio with recording different instruments and trying things we aren’t that comfortable with.  Sometimes this will lead to a piece we’ll actually perform or put on our albums.  Yamasong started as a recording idea for our first FoundatiOn Team EP and now we have a live performance version and it appears on our upcoming album as the original and a remix done by our studio mate Charlie Campagna.

This year’s theme for the EP is “13”.  It all started with a collaboration we did with our Patrick Graham back in 2006.  Patrick had all these cool rhythms in meters relating to thirteen: 13/4, 13/8, 13/16, 13/32 etc…  We put together a song based on his ideas and performed it together a couple of times.  Recently Patrick called and asked if we’d record parts for the piece for his upcoming album and we did a long distance recording collaboration.  The piece, now called “Strikes 13” turned out to be a lot of fun and is on his upcoming album and on our EP. (more…)

More Hiroshima gigs

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Just got back to LA from a weekend of more gigs with Hiroshima. We had a great series of gigs at the Birchmere, the Rams Head and the Tampa Performing Arts Center. The Birchmere and the Rams Head gigs have become a bit of a tradition for the band the the audiences are always great. In October Hiroshima is headed up to San Francisco for a week of gig at the Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko.

Maz and Kris are both in Tokyo preparing for Kris’ natori debut performance at ON Ensemble ’08: YOBU. I’m working on two recording projects for On Ensemble. We’re recording parts for a collaborative piece with Patrick Graham for his upcoming solo CD and I’ll be working on the EP4 an exclusive recording for our FoundatiOn Team.

WAA Conference and Sawagi/Katari Workshop

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Just finished up at the 2008 Western Arts Alliance Conference. This year we had three affiliated showcases and it was probably our most successful conference to date. Thank you to all the presenters and artists who came out to see our showcases! For artists one of the best parts of the conference is the opportunity to connect with other artists. Pioneering Asian American artists, Brenda Wong Aoki, Mark Izu, Janet Koike and Elaine Fong were at the conference showcasing their newest project. Long time On Ensemble collaborator Patrick Graham was also there showcasing with Autorickshaw an Indian influenced Juno nominated Jazz quartet based out of Toronto.

Right after we finished at WAA Maz and I drove up to Vancouver to give a workshop for Sawagi Taiko and Katari Taiko members. We don’t get to interact that much with the Vancouver Taiko scene so it was really great to connect with Sawagi and Katari Taiko. A huge thank you goes out to Linda Uyehara Hoffman for helping to bring us to Vancouver!

Today we’re driving down to Eugene for workshops with Eugene Taiko tomorrow evening. More later!

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