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Paradise Lost : Shadows and Wings photos

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Here’s a link to some photos from Paradise Lost : Shadows and Wings taken by Scott Barnett. These were taken at the main rehearsal before the Carnegie performance and you can kind of get the sense of the epic nature of it all!

Lost in New York

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Wow now I can say I performed at Carnegie Hall and I wouldn’t even be lying.  The concert version of Eric Whitacre’s Paradise Lost : Shadows and Wings was quite an event.  The choir was massive, the beats were massive, the soloist were amazing and much fun was had.

Yesterday I taught a workshop to Kaoru’s taiko center and we rehearsed for our upcoming gig at DROM.  I’m planning on spending the next couple of days seeing as much music and eating as much good food as I can.  Kaoru and his wife Mari have also got me hooked on Lost.  Though they are at the end of season 5  and I can’t really imagine anything being more confusing than starting to watch this show from this point.  I spend every episode confused beyond imagination but find the whole experience oddly compelling.

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