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Gaming on the road

Friday, March 15th, 2013

This tour I decided to try to bring a nerd game on the road and see if I could get the guys into some geeky board games. It’s been a huge SUCCESS! There ends up being quite a bit of down time when you are on tour. So having something to do together that doesn’t cost money and doesn’t involve just vegging out in a hotel room watching crappy tv has been a hit the guys. Here’s a closer look at the game we’ve been playing called “King of Tokyo”.



The idea of the game is that you are one of six monsters that a battling for control of Tokyo. You choose between the King, Kraken, Meka Dragon, Cyber Bunny, Alienoid or Giga Zaur. Each monster starts with 10 hit points and zero victory points. The first monster to twenty victory points or the last monster standing wins the game. Right now there are no differences between the monsters but apparently there is a expansion pack that introduces individual traits to each of the monsters. We’ll definitely be getting the expansion pack for the next tour.

You take turns by rolling six dice and depending on the result you can attack, heal, score victory points or gain energy. If you are in Tokyo while you attack you damage all the monsters outside of the city but all the other monsters also attack you. What changes the game from a simple bash your opponent game into a game of surprising complexity and variation are the special ability cards that you can buy with your energy.


There are a lot of special ability cards and many synergistic combinations between the cards that make for fun and varied gameplay. Each game is slightly different and overall the game is well balanced. It’s been a ton of fun and I think this is a start of another On Ensemble tour tradition.

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