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Convincing Kitri to brush her teeth

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

In my last post I mentioned my daughter adores the ballet Don Quixote and will often pretend to be Kitri, the main heroine in the story.  It’s become pretty elaborate.  I downloaded the music of the ballet for her and she’ll dance through the entire thing on  our little rug that serves as her stage complete with three acts and the necessary costume changes.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation as best as I can remember it from the other night:

Momma (calling from the bathroom) : “Time to brush teeth!”

Little one ignores Momma continues dancing.

Dadda : “Little one you heard Momma it’s time to brush your teeth.”

Little one : “But I’m dancing.”

Dadda more sternly : “Little one listen to your Momma and go brush your teeth!”

Little one : “I’m not Little One I’m Kitri!”

Dadda : “Okay Kitri it’s time to brush your teeth.”

Little one : “But Kitri doesn’t brush her teeth.”

Dadda : “Yes she does everybody brushes their teeth.”

Little one : “But I don’t see her brush her teeth.”

Dadda : “That’s because she brushes her teeth off stage.  Nobody wants to watch a dancer brush her teeth on stage but when you see her run off stage she goes to brush her teeth.”

Little one continues dancing but is now starting to think about it.  The music stops and she runs off stage to brush her teeth.

Dadda: 1  Little One: 45,731 (rough estimate)

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