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MIM performance

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

We had a great performance at the Musical Instrument Museum tonight! We’ll be doing some more post performance posts but I just wanted to do a quick one to say thank you to the great staff at MIM! The food was great the museum was amazing and the theater was beautiful. We felt very well taken care of! I also wanted to give a shout out to the Fushicho Daiko and Odaiko Sonora members who helped us load out and took us out to post performance drinks! Taiko people rock!

Another City and Taiko Group

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

During Taiko Jam, Shoji thanked all of the taiko groups we stayed with during our crazy tours.  From Seattle to St. Louis to Toronto to Boston (and all in-between), we have stayed in awesome homestays.  We are forever grateful to those who have put us up.  This time when we went to Phoenix, AZ for the WAA conference, Shoji and Kelvin stayed with Eileen and Patrick, and Kris and I stayed with Esther and Ken of Fushicho Daiko.  We had a great time getting to know them.  I’ve known Esther for a long time.  She came up to Mt. Shasta to visit Shasta Taiko and Mark Miyoshi when Shoji and I were wee kids.  Ken is a wonderful artist who has traveled the world playing his music and is a proud father of a wonderful kid who dubs himself Miro, “M-I-R-O”.

While Shoji and Kelvin spent time at WAA, I had a very rare experience which was shoe shopping with Kris Bergstrom!  Everyone knows that Kris is a wonderful person, but has extreme traits like his veganism, chooses to only wear shorts, and he usually only shops for food, so shopping for shoes was a brand new experience for me!

Later on, Kris taught an introduction to his 30 Days to Better Shime program to members of Fushicho Daiko and members of their community groups.  It’s a great program and you can download it for free on the above link.


Thank you Esther, Ken, and Fushicho Daiko for a wonderful time!

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