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Over eating in Ontario

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

We are being well taken care of here in Ontario. After our performance in Mountain Home we drove into Ontario for a concert at the Four Rivers Cultural Center. This was my first time in Ontario and it turns out there is a very sizable Japanese American community here. I suppose it shouldn’t have surpassed me too much as Maz’ mother was born in the Minidoka internment camp which is near this area. The local buddhist temple has a taiko group and through a connection with them we were able to set up our performance and a place to stay for a few days! Before the performance they hosted a noodle bowl dinner which was fantastic.



We then performed a very noodle powered concert for a well fed and enthusiastic audience. A huge thank you goes out to Matthew and Christina for their work in bringing us to their center and making the concert a success.

The next day we attended service at the Buddhist temple to say thank you for the hospitality and were invited to a post service potluck feast. We ate like kings then in true JA fashion were loaded up with more dessert than we can eat in a week by the kindly obasans. Then on top of that Revered Fujimoto and his wife Sharman cooked us a salmon stir fry feast for dinner and in true JA fashion we were loaded up with more take home stir fry that we can eat in a week.



We are staying for another day in Ontario then will be headed to Dillon to continue the tour. A huge thank you goes out to Reverend Fujimoto, Sharman Fujimoto and the members of the Idaho-Oregon Buddhist temple for their amazing hospitality.

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