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Use an old digital camera, gphoto2, and WordPress for automatic photo blogging

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

For the What We’re Eating feature of my blog, I needed a way to quickly take photos of our home-cooked meals. Using a dedicated camera and a simple script I wrote, the system prompts the user for a description of the meal, snaps the photo with the proper zoom and flash settings, rotates and resizes the photo, and uploades the content directly to the WordPress site so it’s immediately visible to the outside world… all with a single command! Read on to learn how to implement the system for your own automatic photo blogging!

Auto photo blogging with WordPress


Sendmail / IMAP email server setup

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Until recently, On Ensemble’s email server lived in my apartment.  By using all Free Software, we have been able to host the website and email for the group on recycled computers, for only the cost of my internet connection.  The software is top-notch… the only limitation is knowing how to set up and administer everything.  I often need some guidance and help understanding the software.

This is where the gnu/linux community comes in, and my friends in the Los Angeles Linux Users Group.  We meet in an IRC chatroom called #lalugs, helping each other out.  You too can hang out here and ask questions: download Xchat or Colloquy, join the server, and join the #lalugs channel.  My nickname there is “xuxa”.

My most recent challenge was to move On Ensemble’s email server services to the new server.  For this, mail master Stu Sheldon helped me out at the SCLUG meeting.


The following step-by-step assumes you have a base installation of debian that is up-to-date (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade). If you need help getting to this stage, please contact me.


DIY koto case howto

Monday, June 8th, 2009

My old koto slip cover was so old and worn, the fabric would rip with the slightest tug.  So Hiroka and I sewed a new one with material we had around the house and it turned out surprisingly well.

Old cover

Old cover (click for larger ver)

New cover

New cover (click for larger ver)

With the hopes that it will be helpful to someone else, here is a quick howto for sewing a custom soft cover for a Japanese 13-string koto.


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