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Convincing Kitri to brush her teeth

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

In my last post I mentioned my daughter adores the ballet Don Quixote and will often pretend to be Kitri, the main heroine in the story.  It’s become pretty elaborate.  I downloaded the music of the ballet for her and she’ll dance through the entire thing on  our little rug that serves as her stage complete with three acts and the necessary costume changes.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation as best as I can remember it from the other night:

Momma (calling from the bathroom) : “Time to brush teeth!”

Little one ignores Momma continues dancing.

Dadda : “Little one you heard Momma it’s time to brush your teeth.”

Little one : “But I’m dancing.”

Dadda more sternly : “Little one listen to your Momma and go brush your teeth!”

Little one : “I’m not Little One I’m Kitri!”

Dadda : “Okay Kitri it’s time to brush your teeth.”

Little one : “But Kitri doesn’t brush her teeth.”

Dadda : “Yes she does everybody brushes their teeth.”

Little one : “But I don’t see her brush her teeth.”

Dadda : “That’s because she brushes her teeth off stage.  Nobody wants to watch a dancer brush her teeth on stage but when you see her run off stage she goes to brush her teeth.”

Little one continues dancing but is now starting to think about it.  The music stops and she runs off stage to brush her teeth.

Dadda: 1  Little One: 45,731 (rough estimate)

The first of hopefully many “blog” posts

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Okay…  So one of my New Years resolutions is to start regular blog posts.  It’s hard to know where to start so I’m just going to start and figure it out along the way.

I’ll start with a great moment.

My daughter loves to dance.  As a parent I hate having to resort to videos so I can have a moment to cook or do something that needs both hands around the house. In order to alleviate my guilt and because of my extreme dislike of crappy children’s programming I started her off with ballet DVDs.  I figured I might as well start her off with high art because by the time she gets a taste of Thomas the Tank Engine that’ll be all she’ll want to watch.  So the first thing I ever let her watch was Baryshnikov’s version of Don Quixote with the American Ballet Theater.  It went over better than I could have ever imagined.  She started asking about the characters and especially the “Pink Lady” and would try to dance along with the video.  I thought “well at least she’s moving” and putting that DVD on would give me enough time to get dinner done.

This led to one of my favorite daily rituals: our morning dance parties.  Over the summer the first thing we’d do together is put music on and dance.  One day I asked her what kind of music I should put on for our dance party and she said: “Daddy’s music!”  My heart just about broke.  Finally someone who actually wants to listen to my music!  Sure this little person doesn’t know any better, is completely dependent on me for shelter and sustainance and is as genetically similar to me as anybody can be, but she still requested music that I made!  Amazing!

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