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Vegan food bike tour

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Hiro and I have just returned from a two-day trip on our new bike. Oh… my… goodness…

We love this bike!

This was perhaps the most fun overnight trip I’ve ever had! We rode up to South Pasadena to have lunch at Charm Vegan , then over to South El Monte for dinner at Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant, and a night’s rest in Rosemead. We then took the beautiful Rio Hondo bike path home. The food was great, but it was basically an excuse to ride, and the riding was delightful. Not only is the recumbent comfortable, but the bike inspires amazing responses from onlookers. The weird-looking bike elicits shouts of support wherever we went. It’s hard not to be happy while a guy in a Compton low-rider gives you the thumbs up while a family on the sidewalk applauds and an old guy on the corner yells, “Pump that shit! Pump that shit!” Riding this bike is like being transported to a country where everyone is friendly and the pace of life is just right. The basics of getting around, eating, and talking become a joy.

A year of farmers’ market pr0n

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Hiro and I are lucky enough to live near the Torrance Farmers’ Market. We were so enamored with the beauty of the produce, we took photos of the bounty for a year. Here’s the result! (Click “Read the rest…” to see all the pics and roll-over individual images to see the dates.)


Cooking on tour

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

For the last few years, I’ve travelled with the fantastic TakeruKun rice cooker and have learned it’s possible to make healthy, inexpensive, vegan meals on the road.  It takes a bit of planning and diligence, but I can generally get by on about $5 a day and eat food I enjoy wherever we go.  I try and take advantage of local foods when possible, but tend to err on the side of preparing my own food. It’s hard to not waste food without a refrigerator, and shopping along the way tends to produce lots of trash. So I now cook about 70% of the food I eat when on tour.

Here’s what I’ve learned!..


New blog feature: What we’re eating

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Working with Matt Gallizzi at NoTix Technical Solutions, Hiro and I implemented a photo auto-blogging system to take shots of our meals. There are still a few rough spots to work out but you can see our most recent meal in the updated header of my blog, and our last 30 meals here. Nerdy, no?! Howto coming soon!

Great downtown LA restaurant: Shojin

Monday, June 1st, 2009

After the workshop, Hiro and I went to a great restaurant called Shojin, located in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center, 3F.  The staff is unbelievably courteous… the chefs come out to greet the guests, and see them off at the door.  The owner, Tsuguhiro Morishima explained that it has long been his dream to create a restaurant that encourages inter-personal connections; amongst the guests and between the guests and staff.  He spent a long time thinking about what kind of food would be best for the patrons, and encourage the kind of health and well-being he was trying to foster.  Over a long period, he came to feel that vegan and macrobiotic foods were the most in line with this goal.

If you’re in the Little Tokyo area and looking for healthy uplifting food and a restaurant run by caring people, try Shojin!

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