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The FoundatiOn Team is On Ensemble’s core group of fans; the critical support group that makes new music and great performances possible. It is the financial support of the FoundatiOn Team that makes On Ensemble’s home concerts feasible. To show our appreciation each year we prepare special thank-you gifts, including limited edition CD singles, organic cotton t-shirts and other goodies that are available only to our FoundatiOn Team members.

New Video : Verdugo Hills

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

In the next few weeks we’ll be posting new videos! The fist sets of videos comes from our friend and filmmaker Ian Mora. We grew up playing taiko with Ian and he came to our Taiko Heroes concert last October and put together these great videos. More coming soon!

FoundatiOn Team fund drive ending soon

Friday, February 25th, 2011

On Ensemble friends and fans have thus far donated $6564.50 enabling the beginning of InventiOn 2011, On Ensemble’s year of creative exploration, and six, hands-on workshops in a local public school! Thank you very much to the 56 people who have contributed!

If you are planning to contribute, now is the time!

Help us get to $7000 and an additional workshop for public school students! Only $436 to go! Please send your donation by March 12 so that we can begin preparing this year’s thank-you gifts!

This year, we have received a surprising number of $500 donations. I’m moved that so many people consider our work worthy of such generous support! I am also very pleased that we have received many $10 and $20 donations. It’s important to me that we ask for support that is within the means of our friends and fans. We’re committed to making music for the long term, and we want you to be with us the whole way. If $10 is what you can afford, $10 is a genuinely useful contribution. We’re stretching every dollar to do more good this year; more music creation, more performances, and more public school education. And every donor gets a copy of the live, audio recording of Taiko 2.0, our biggest, most important concert yet!

If you’ve been meaning to send in your donation, please do it today!

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far!

FoundatiOn Team fund drive now underway!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Our annual fund drive is currently under way with a host of exciting announcements and thank-you gifts!

Read all about it here!

Please consider making a New Year’s donation to On Ensemble’s InventiOn 2011 program; supporting the creation of new taiko music and public-school educational outreach programs!

Send to:
On Ensemble c/o Kris Bergstrom
2000 W 162nd St #100
Torrance CA 90504

InventiOn 2011 is On Ensemble’s ambitious program of new music and music sharing. Did you know that California is last in the nation for arts funding? Did you know that California students receive 40% less than the national average of arts and music education? We’re trying to change this!

For every $1000 we raise, On Ensemble will provide a hands-on taiko workshop to public school students!

InventiOn 2011 includes creative sessions with exciting artists as On Ensemble ramps up to our biggest performance yet, Taiko 2.0 at Cerritos Center.

Thank you FoundatiOn Team donors!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Thank you George Aoyama for your donation!

Thank you FoundatiOn Team donors!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Thank you for your donation Kim!
Kim Nakashima becomes the 101st FoundatiOn Team donor!

Thank you FoundaiOn Team donors!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Thank you to Stacey Nakasone for her donation to the 2009 FoundatiOn Team! Stacey is our 100th donor this year and brings the grand total to $11,375!

Thank you again to all of this year’s donors! I will have updates from the hands-on workshops as they happen over the next few months. Thanks to the generosity of the FoundatiOn Team, On Ensemble is providing eleven taiko workshops to public school students!

Thank you FoundatiOn Team donors!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The following donors made contributions to the FoundatiOn Team, bringing the total number of donors this year to 99! Will we have a 100th donor?..

Thank you for your generosity!

Chikako Hara
David Wells
Tetsuo Uyeda

Thank you FoundatiOn Team donors!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Thanks to recent donations from the following people, the fund drive isn’t done yet! In fact, we’ve passed $11,000, generating our eleventh, free, hands-on taiko workshop to public school kids!

Cathy Ginn
David and Kate Cowsky
George Abe
Lloyd Nakano
Michelle Fujii
Mikko Henson
Shira Mendes De Leon

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