Kris starting two new taiko groups

Now recruiting inaugural members

I’m really excited about two new taiko groups I’m starting at LATI: Mochi Mochi and Matsuri Crashers. If you’re interested in a taiko challenge in 2015, let me know!


About Mochi Mochi

Mochi Mochi is a rice-pounding and taiko performing group developing a 30-minute performance for debut in December 2015, and with the goal of regular, public performance. Practices will involve beta and naname nagado taiko forms, plus small-drum technique, ensemble togetherness, and timing. Musical challenges range from accessible to advanced, with individual roles tailored for growth. The long-term vision of Mochi Mochi is to utilize the “mochitsuki” tradition of rice pounding as a compelling, artistic structure for sharing music, culture, food, and fun.


About Matsuri Crashers

Matsuri Crashers tackle the high-bar of slant-drum soloing, and encompass the Rock Solids base-beat crew who support the soloists. Using lighthearted competition inspired by the hip-hop world, Matsuri Crashers host “battles” where players go head-to-head and the audience votes. Weekly practices teach new moves and improvisation with guided individual practice. Members can focus on slant-drum development or small-drum jiuchi, and all members learn the challenging battle structures. Fast-paced and demanding, Matsuri Crashers is seeking advanced players.

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