Japan trip wrap-up

I’ve just returned from a wonderful time in Tokyo and Kumamoto, Japan, followed by my first trip to England. The trip was amazing; the culmination of months of shamisen and taiko practice and preparation.

Shima no Senzai Tokyo lesson from Kristofer Bergstrom on Vimeo.

My main goal in Japan was shamisen study. After a quick check-in lesson with my shamisen teacher, I took a lesson with the great tsuzumi player, Katada Shinjyuuro. I’m working on a piece called Shima no Senzai which is a duet for tsuzumi and shamisen. The lesson with Shinjyuuro provided an experienced drummer’s input on how to play in a way that makes the tsuzumi part easy and fun. My long-term goal is to be able to perform this piece with Kenny, Shoji, or Yuta and I feel like I’m making my way toward being ready.

Thank you to Kineya Katsuyukie, her students, Shinjyuuro Sensei, and Hiroka for all your help making this lesson happen!

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  1. Martin N. says:


    Would you write a more detailed story about the time you spend studing in Japan last time?

    Regards from Argentina

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