Up next: Japan and UK Taiko Festival

I’m extremely excited about an upcoming trip to Japan for shamisen lessons and England to teach and perform at the UK Taiko Festival!

Shima no Senzai
Last year I mentioned to my shamisen teacher, Kineya Katsuyukie, that I’d like to learn the tsuzumi/shamisen duet piece, Shima no Senzai, with the hopes one day of playing it with Kenny Endo. Katsuyukie Sensei has arranged a lesson for me with the great tsuzumi player, Katada Shinjyuro, and a singer from Hakodate, Nachi-san. This is going to be scary and fun!

In one of my workshops I’ll be debuting a new composition! I need to get a lot better before the grooves feel really good but I think it has potential. Here’s a sample!

Radiddlepa sample, work in progress from Kristofer Bergstrom on Vimeo.

Jack Bazaar and collaborations with Kagemusha and Mizuho Zako
I’ll be performing Jack Bazaar with Oliver Kirby on jiuchi, sitting in on one of Kagemusha’s pieces, Kindred Spirit, and trying to pull together a short bon-taiko collaboration with Mizuho Zako (Oedo Sukeroku Daiko). It will be an honor to work with these wonderful people!

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  1. Kris- Looks and Sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to hear it live.

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