Back from Tokyo


We just returned from Tokyo and it was a great trip overall. We started with our performance at the Kokuritsu Gekijyo. It was an honor to perform at the National Theater and be a part of such a great program. It was especially fun to perform with Amanojaku in the finale and have Chris and Daisuke join us for Jack Bazaar.

Another highlight for me was performing Symmetrical Soundscapes with Kenny and Maz. Kenny Endo has been such an inspiration to me as an artist. He has done so much for not only On Ensemble but also for our entire art form and Symmetrical Soundscapes is one of my favorite taiko pieces of all time. To perform that piece with Kenny and Maz on the stage of the Kokuritsu Gekijyo was a great moment.

After the Nihon no Taiko concert we had a couple of days to rehearse for our Shibuya performance and enjoy being in Tokyo. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been back to Tokyo and I had forgotten how much I like the city. Everywhere you look there is something going on at all times of the day and you always meet interesting people. Not to mention the food!



Finally the day of the Shibuya concert came and a ton of staff from Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten loaded in a ridiculous numbers of drums through up six floors through a very small elevator. The concert went very well and we had a blast performing for a sold out and enthusiastic audience. We performed the first half then Kenny and his group of Tokyo musicians who included Hamada san, Suzuki san, Kaoru san and Semba san took the stage for a great second half and somehow we all fit on stage for a couple of pieces at the end. It was a great concert and a great way to introduce On Ensemble to Tokyo.

We have a TON of people to thank and a lot of work went into making this trip a success. Aichan, Kudo san, Koriyama san and the entire staff at Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten did so much work behind the scenes to make everything happen. They hauled drums around Tokyo, promoted our shows and made us feel very welcome and supported. Most of all we have to thank Yoshihiko Miyamoto who came to our very first concert in Hakodate Hokkaido some 11 years ago and has supported On Ensemble from the very beginning. Our music would not be possible without the support of so many people from Yoshihiko to the Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten staff to the great teachers we’ve had over the years to all our friends and family and to our fans. It’s amazing to feel so supported by so many to create music. Thank you.

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