Shamisen at Minami-za was a grand success!

The performance in Kyoto was quite the experience! Minami-za is one of the most famous theaters in Japan and this was the first time the Kineya Katsu guild used it for their once-every-four-years, grand performance. The all-day show utilized the full range of the theater’s staging, including the rotating-stage set changes, drop pit and lift system, and flyspace. Our group of 36 performers set up on the back of the rotating stage while another group was performing and then swung into position when it was our turn. Kisaku Sensei, taiko player and National Treasure, was in our ensemble, and I got to sit right next to my teacher — the best spot in the house!

Thanks to Yukie Sensei and the other members of Yukie Shachuu, all the folks in Kineya Katsu Kai, and the staff of Minami-za for a wonderful experience. And thanks to the 1700 (!) enthusiastic Kyoto audience members who came to see the performance!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Congrats Kris – any chance of seeing/hearing any of the performance on THIS side of the Pacific?

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