Matsuri Crashers Battle Structures


At Matsuri Crashers battles, slant-drum players take turns performing their solos and the audience votes on who wins. Participants prepare for the battle by composing their solos to match one of the six available Matsuri Crashers structures. These structures define the length of the solos, the tempo, and the base-beat.

Each battle has the same rough form.

  • Soloist A announces the structure (“kakeai”)
  • Soloist A plays their solo
  • Soloists switch places
  • Soloist B plays their solo
  • Soloist B guides voting (“shobu”)

Structure videos

Also see notated versions and audio recordings below.

Structure scores

Structure audio recordings (mp3/ogg format)
(Note: these recordings were made with the original structures in 2011. Minor changes may have been made since then, but these are still useful for practice. See the printed structures for a definitive score.

Original graphics file (Inkscape SVG format)

(The video, notation, and audio recordings, as well as the source compositions are released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license.)

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  1. I want to see a video of this! sounds very fun!

  2. […] and Rock Solids) Open to players of all levels. Challenge a friend! Learn more about the structures here. Watch example battles by doing a web search for “Matsuri Crashers”. Join LATI’s […]

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