Sandpoint Whitefish and back home!

We finished up our Mountain West tour with performances in Sandpoint Idaho and Whitefish Montana. It was a great way to end the tour as both of these towns were absolutely beautiful and the concerts and educational outreach programs were great. A huge thank you goes out to Kim, Judy and Dave and all the staff at the Panida Theater for their work in bringing us to Sandpoint. Another huge thank you goes out to Jesse, Kathy, Gayle, Ron and Colin for all their work in bringing us to Whitefish and making it the perfect concert to end the tour on.






I realized that I took almost no pictures outside to show you how beautiful it was so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The whole tour has been rather picturesque come to think of it and we had a great time at all the places we visited.




In Whitefish we stayed at the Hidden Moose Lodge which was absolutely fantastic! It had a great rustic ambiance complete with fire place and friendly patrons. We even made some new friends playing “King of Tokyo”.





In the end it all comes down to the music. It was great to have an extended period of time to perform and continue to develop the live versions of the new pieces. The music has been feeling really good and we are looking forward to releasing the new album Bizarre Heroes. We are back in Los Angeles for a few weeks then will be on the road again in April. We’ll be posting more details on the next tour and new album soon!

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