Learn kecak in Bali

On Ensemble friend and fellow taiko player, Carrie Carter, is organizing a retreat to Bali to study kecak. Shoji, Maz, and I have been practicing kecak-inspired rhythms recently as we re-work Recycled Beats. This retreat would be the perfect thing!

From Carrie…

Anyone interested in learning rhythms in a new way to help inform your taiko skills? I’m working with Yeeman Mui to organize a retreat to Bali in May 2012 at the Bona Alit Art Space specifically for taiko players. While we hope to incorporate taiko more directly in the future, the 2012 retreat will focus on the art of kecak and developing the ability to layer multiple-part rhythms.

I Gusti Rai popularized kecak as an art form with the 1992 film, Baraka. His son, Bona Alit, runs the Bona Alit Art Space (www.bona-alit.com) and welcomes anyone who wants to learn the music of Bali into his home. We’ll spend 7-10 days at the resort in Bona amongst the rice paddies, eat and take lessons together in kecak with plenty of time for enjoying the vibrant local culture.

Are you interested in joining us? Send me a message (allthingstaiko -at- gmail -dot- com) if you’d like more information!

If you’ve never seen kecak before, check out this video of Bona Alit’s crew:

Some photos of the art space:

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