Thoughts on Practice essay updated

For the Taiko Conference workshop last month I also updated my essay on practice. It is shorter, with a few more tips and tricks. Thanks to Danny Yamamoto for the good revision advice!

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  1. Kristofer,
    This is a great piece on practice. I found many universal themes here. For example:
    1.Practice should be fun. Rarely in a business environment to we practice. When we do, we seldom make it fun. We could turn things around and practice a lot more by following your advice.
    2. It doesn’t have to be long. This is a novel idea for many. We just have to commit to do something for a short while.
    3. Practice doesn’t care what else is going on. We must get over saying we are too busy. We will always be too busy.

    I could go on. But, I will stop and just say this is a great article. Thanks.


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