i31d03d!jns+vw Yama Jumble

Maz and I debuted a new slant-drum arrangement at Shasta Yama. We’re working on some new batchi hand-off ideas and debuted the “Scuttlebutt” switch. We almost debuted the “ITC” switch but aborted last minute. We’ll get it next time, Maz!

Thanks to Brady for jumping in to make the piece happen, even though it was literally his first time playing the piece with us and the first time he’d played those drums. Thanks to Jeanne and Russel for the opportunity!

5 Responses to “i31d03d!jns+vw Yama Jumble”

  1. Yuta says:

    taking this as a challenge :)
    you inspire us sooo much kris!

  2. Geeeeezzz!
    Great Job you guys!!
    love it: love the half-time triplet feel of the kane, love the drags strokes on your first entrance Kris, love the crafty twirling Maz, love the three-drum ji pattern during the vocal section!

  3. Dan says:

    Great arrangement! Love the new moves you added. As always amazing job. You give us all great things to aspire to! :D

  4. Jason says:

    The transitions are sick!

  5. kido says:

    That’s pretty awesome! I love the transitions. If I wasn’t watching some of them were so smooth I wouldn’t be able to tell you switched.

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