Cerritos was a grand success!


Taiko 2.0 at Cerritos went really well! We felt like the music made great strides forward, the audience was enthusiastic about the new music, and the “Burn Your Own” system actually worked!

More on each of these in the coming days. After weeks of frenzied days preparing for Cerritos, I’m now in the middle of a week of frenzied nights trying to finish the redesign of taikoconference.org. More soon!

2 Responses to “Cerritos was a grand success!”

  1. Emi says:

    Great show guys! Congrats and thanks for the music!

  2. Brandon Martin says:

    I’m so jealous of you for getting the chance to go, Emi. :)

    Kris: The taikoconference.org website looks great. Interesting that you seem to have used Drupal for the CMS. I love the photo-navigation block on the home page, too… although, if it doesn’t make load times unbearable, I’d love to see it resized to the full length of the “content-content” div or however you have it structured so that the photo block fully aligns with both the left and right margins of the text below it, but I guess that would push the text too far below the fold on most monitors. The transition time between photos is a micro-hair quick for me, but rather than up it, I’d change the transition to a very subtle dissolve if the player allows it. As usual, your use of color is great and the dual navigations structure is interesting, too.

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