TAIKO 2.0 Guest Artist Profile: Patrick Graham

Only two weeks to our big TAIKO 2.0 concert at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts!  Today we are highlighting Montreal based multi-percussionist Patrick Graham.  Patrick is one of our favorite artists to work with and is the quintessential “On Ensemble” kind of musician.  He fuses his training in Western classical and contemporary music with his extensive explorations of Mediterranean, Irish, South Indian and Japanese rhythms to create a highly personal, cross-cultural approach to percussion.  The ability to draw inspiration from every corner of the globe yet make music that is personal is something that we strive for and Patrick approach has had a huge influence on On Ensemble’s music.

I first met Patrick at a frame drum workshop he was giving in Tokyo while I was living there. After meeting him I remember being encouraged knowing that there were other musicians out there wandering the globe following the same path I was on.  Several years later once we started On Ensemble we were re-introduced through a mutual acquaintance who thought we would be natural collaborators.  Imagine the surprise when it turns out we had met several years earlier half way around the world!  Ever since then we’ve played together every chance we can and we’re looking forward to having Patrick be a part of TAIKO 2.0 at the Cerritos Center.

Also check out Patrick’s album Rheo which is an On Ensemble favorite and features two tracks that we’ll be performing at Cerritos Center!

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