The wine bar improvisation workshop

While Kris and Kelvin were leading a workshop for Inazuma Taiko Maz and I prototyped a new workshop format with Christian, Jean-Francois and Sandra of Arashi Daiko –  the wine bar improvisation workshop.  It basically works like this: share a great bottle of wine, talk endlessly about the nature of creativity and art then end with an impromptu vocal improvisation after the wine has been finished.  It’s only a prototype workshop but the results from the first were amazing and we’re looking forward to trying this again!  Thanks to Amie for her recommendation.  If you are into food Amie is a great food writer and has a blog on her restaurant recommendations and culinary explorations at:

I can trace my love affair with wine back to a single meal I had at Glutton’s when Makoto Ono was the chef.  I was in Winnipeg working with Hinode Taiko and most taiko groups are really food based groups but if you don’t know Hinode Taiko is the taiko group for foodies.  I’m telling you there is great food in Winnipeg and the Hinode Taiko guys know where it is!  At the end of one of the weeks I was there they took me to Gluttons where Makato Ono was the executive chef.  Makato has since moved on and I count myself extremely lucky to have eaten at Glutton’s while he was there.  It was one of the best meals of my life and the moment when I really understood wine for the first time.  Once you have that moment there is no turning back.

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3 Responses to “The wine bar improvisation workshop”

  1. Ha!
    Very Montreal.
    When you tour Scotland (with me!!) can we initiate a Scotch Distillery Improvisation Workshop??
    i am developing some thoughts on the subject… : )

  2. Margaret says:

    Awww Shoji, Mak’s in town. You should hurry here for a visit (and some chow) before he’s gone again!

    You’re right, there’s no turning back once you “get” wine.

  3. shoji says:

    Say hi to Makoto for me! I was just talking about how those dinners at Gluton’s were some of the best I ever had and was really the beginning of my current wine obsession!

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