Introducing guest blogger Patrick Graham

Patrick Graham is a multi-percussionist from Montreal and On Ensemble’s go-to guy for complex, odd-time-signature compositions, amazing frame-drum technique, and more bells and whistles than you can shake bells and whistles at. In collaborations with On Ensemble, he brings his mutant drum kit with odd cymbals and rattly bits, a cajon for his kick drum, and the shime-jishi Japanese drum. It sounds fantastic and in the talented hands and tasteful approach of Patrick, adds dramatically to On Ensemble’s music.

Patrick will be joining us again in March for our biggest show ever: Taiko 2.0 at Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts!

2 Responses to “Introducing guest blogger Patrick Graham”

  1. Emi says:

    don’t forget Patrick’s on-stage joke telling skills. . .come on, who else remembers the “grizzly bear walks into a bar” joke. . .

  2. ha.
    great, thanks Emi, for the reminder….. i will NEVER live that down.
    (it was a polar bear by the way…. you know, Canadian….)
    (i am looking forward to seeing you soon!)

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