Sprouts cam

Dec 29 – My parents gave me some sprout trays for Christmas and we’re putting them to use on tour. If everything goes well, we should be able to have hiyayako (cold tofu) with ginger and sprouts by about Olathe KS. A night of soaking and they’re growing. Go sprouts go!

Dec 30 – 80% sproutage! They seem to be surviving the cold weather. How can you tell if a sprout is chilly?

Dec 31 – Just a few more days to go!

Once the sprouts have grown a bit, you’re supposed to put them in sunlight so they make chlorophyll. Today was a sunny day, so the dash was a perfect spot. Tomorrow’s lunch is going to be awesome!

Delicious! The radish sprouts were really strong and spicy and the alfalfa were sweet and flavorful. It was a *lot* of sprouts for two people to eat in one meal so we’ll offset the two trays when we start the next batch. Amazing these little seeds have all that energy in them!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Can’t tell from the sprouts cam photos, but when I’m chilly I wear a scarf and mitts. :)

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