Cross-country tour complete!

Los Angeles CA
Las Vegas NV
Moab UT
Denver CO
Lincoln NE
Olathe KS
Bloomington IN
Fort Wayne IN
Cleveland OH
Pittsburgh PA
Woburn MA
Montreal QC
Toronto ON
Bowling Green OH
Chicago IL
Minneapolis MN
Spearfish SD
Butte MT
Ketchum ID
Ogden UT
Las Vegas NV

Current weather: 74F, balmy!
Miles driven: 7465
Workshops completed (18 scheduled): 18
Performances completed (9 scheduled): 9
Pushups and squats completed (regimen at every gas stop): 6471
Num curry meals eaten: 31

3 Responses to “Cross-country tour complete!”

  1. Benjamin says:

    Hey On Ensemble, cool demo video below! I was excited about this tour, but it seems like you all are mostly giving demonstrations to other taiko ensembles and at schools. Any public performances planned? More to the point, any performances in Minneapolis? I’ve wanted to see you perform since I bought Dust and Sand several years back…

    Either way, best of luck with your continued touring!

  2. shoji says:

    @Benjamin – Hey! Yes sorry but we are not giving a public performance in Minneapolis this time around. We have concerts in Spearfish South Dakota and Sun Valley Idaho. I’ll definitely let you know when we do have a public performance in the Minneapolis area though!

  3. Guys! Congratulations, what an achievement…. So impressed and feeling lazy for flying anywhere in the future.
    So Interesting to read all the blog tour posts as well.

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