30 Days to Better Shime Round 4 starts tomorrow!

While on tour I’m conducting a group session of 30 Days to Better Shime. There are just over 50 other taiko players joining me to practice every day in January!

Anyone is welcome to join us… read more here.

For those participating, here is a short video about basic grip and shime strike. Happy practicing!

Batchi grip and strike basics from Kristofer Bergstrom on Vimeo.

One Response to “30 Days to Better Shime Round 4 starts tomorrow!”

  1. Kris- Great video!
    You look so fluid when you play, it’s very nice to see.
    Re. ‘How to improve your hands and wrists…’- Check out the fabulous Jojo Mayer DVD Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer for the most comprehensive overview of stick and hand technique that i have ever encountered… guaranteed to revitalize just about anybody’s playing.
    Can’t wait till you guys get to Montreal!
    Safe Travels!

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