Bon-taiko at WFWI fundraiser

My mother organized a fundraising event for Women for Women International at my parents’ place in Bear Valley Springs. More than 80 people attended, and my mom invited Maz, Courtney, and I to perform. It was a grand success. Congratulations, Mom!

Women for Women International is an inspiring support organization for female survivors of war. I learned that women represent 70% of the world’s poor. They perform 66% of the world’s work but only own 1% of the property. Approximately 70% of the casualties in recent conflicts are women and children (UNIFEM) and the forms of violence they experience include torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, and mutilation (UN). It was shocking and humbling to hear the stories told at the event, and after learning more about the organization, Hiro and I have since become monthly sponsors. It was an eye-opening evening!

Maz, Courtney, and I performed at the opening of the event, including bon-taiko, a style I’ve been particularly interested in for the last year or so. It feels like I have many more years to go before I’m confident about my playing, but if nothing else, I’ve made some noticeable improvement in the last year. Courtney and Maz were great, as always!

Here’s a video of our performance of a rough arrangement of Matsuri/Midare Uchi. Thank you to my mom and all the WFWI volunteers who made the event possible. We were honored to be a part of it!

Bon-daiko-inspired taiko piece


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