New On Ensemble workshops!

At the end of the year and into 2011, On Ensemble will be making a cross-country trek to New York City. We’ll be attending the APAP booking conference and performing with Patrick Graham in Montreal. We will be visiting taiko groups all along the way and have a host of new workshops we’re really excited about!



2 Responses to “New On Ensemble workshops!”

  1. This trip is going to be awesome. I’m not sure about different Taiko communities throughout the country, but the cultural distinctions that you’ll find on your travels might inform your music… and will certainly be fascinating. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve noticed that too many people today seem to be so focused on a vision of the United States as kind of monolithic that they sometimes overlook valuable differences, quirks, and developments in neighboring regions as merely superficial differences. Not at all true in my experience…

  2. I bet the Toronto show is going to be awesome, too… That city was made for On Ensemble.

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