Japan, Day 17

The gaijin has left the building.

Today was awesome! An exhausting kind of awesome. A full 10 hours of shamisen, singing, changing kimono, and bowing to famous nagauta musicians. I survived Kisen! Performed sitting next to Iemoto Kineya Katsukuni, head of our school. (Eighth in the current line, replacing Katsusaburo VII, who died in April.) Was able to play out a bit. Well… as much as one plays out in Kabuki music. Felt great!

The perfect end to 15 months of preparation. Looking forward to 2014 – the next Kineya guild National Theatre performance. And shorter term, a night of stress-free sleep!

Hakodate crew, post performance

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  2. Amigo- awesome! i would love to have heard that show!

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