DIY bicycle toe clips

Part of my blogging strategy is to try and add bits of information to the internet that I could not previously find. When the old, plastic toe-clips on my Shimano 105 pedals broke, and I learned that the bike shop wanted $75 for a replacement set, I decided to make my own. I’ve used them for a few months now and they’re working great.

With the hope someone out there could use the info, here is a quick howto for building replacement toe clips from the lid of any old piece of electronic equipment.

Materials needed
Scrap aluminum sheet metal
Permanent marker for layout (silver sharpie for black sheet material)

Tools needed
jigsaw with metal-cutting blade
drill press (or hand-held drill and punch)
Dremel with cut-off and grinding (de-burring) blades

I used the lid from a broken audio electronics component. The case from an old DVD player or similar would be good. Most such cases are made of aluminum, which will be much easier to work with than steel.

Trace the shape of the original, plastic pedal on the sheet metal. As my original pedals were a bit small, I added an extra inch or so to the long tail of the shape. Use a punch to mark the locations for the screw slots, one at the center of each end of each slot. Cut the shape with a jigsaw and deburr the edges with a Dremel grinding wheel. Drill two holes for each slot and remove the metal between them with a Dremel cut-off wheel.

Use the original pedal to estimate the bend points for the new shape. I used my largest pair of shoes as a guide to make sure my toes had enough room.

Happy recycling!

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5 Responses to “DIY bicycle toe clips”

  1. STas says:

    hi do you hope send me, to me the sizes of toe clips ?

    • kris says:

      My feet are size 10.5″ or 28cm and the new clips accommodate my running and skateboarding shoes. The old clips were a little too tight in the vertical direction. You can see how I bent the front of the new toe clip differently from the old ones to give a little more room. I hope that’s helpful!

  2. Anjo says:

    Thanks a lot! This is really helpful

  3. eMPee584 says:

    Just did this fix for one of my shimano 105 toe clips, albeit with a metal scissors and a file instead of jigsaw and dremel.. now if the metal sheet I used proves sturdy enough – I’ll craft the second one 😊

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