New blog feature: What we’re eating

Working with Matt Gallizzi at NoTix Technical Solutions, Hiro and I implemented a photo auto-blogging system to take shots of our meals. There are still a few rough spots to work out but you can see our most recent meal in the updated header of my blog, and our last 30 meals here. Nerdy, no?! Howto coming soon!

5 Responses to “New blog feature: What we’re eating”

  1. yyyuuuuuummmmm! Hiro and Kris- your food looks soooo gooooood!
    but wait!
    was that Coffee and a Donut, i saw?!?
    : o

  2. Ah- i KNOW it is still delicious!!
    or…. was the coffee and donut a meal from when Kris was absent??
    i wonder what else Hiro is eating when Kris is away!?
    Pepperoni Pizza! & Beer! ; )

  3. maz says:

    mmm… pepperoni pizza and beer!

  4. Yep.
    Hibiki’s favourite meal, too!
    ….minus the beer….add the iced-tea.

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