World City, bikeumentary and wikipedia

First of all we had a great time performing with Kuniko Yamamoto at the Music Center’s World City series.  It was a sunny beautiful day and tons of families showed up for the performance.  It was just one of those days that makes you happy you live in Los Angeles.  A big thank you goes out Barbara and Michael for having us back at the great series!

Recently I wrote some funk/electronic music for a short film that my brother-in-law put together promoting bike communting at UCLA.  It’s up on youtube now so check it out:

And I now have a wikipedia entry! Woohoo now I know that I exist:
Shoji Kameda is a fourth-generation Japanese American musician and composer, and leading player of North American taiko. He is a founder and member of On Ensemble, a contemporary taiko quartet [1], and a member of the jazz fusion group Hiroshima [2].

2 Responses to “World City, bikeumentary and wikipedia”

  1. kris says:

    The BikeUmentary is great! Brent, great work with all the footy and the editing! I particularly liked the coffee-making-then-coffee-drinking-with-bike-related-poster shots… and the bike-fork-mounted camera!

    I too love bikes and got some handy panier bags so I can do grocery shopping. Shoji’s been biking recently too. The wave of the future is the 19th century! :)

  2. Brent says:

    Hey Kris, thanks! This video was incredibly fun to work on. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such wonderfully talented creatives in my friends and family network. Shoji stepped in and turned the music piece around perfectly.

    And, yes, it’s funny how everything comes full circle. It’s hot amongst the up-and-coming urban planners at UCLA, which I think should have positive implications for future expansion of the bike mentality, infrastructure, etc.

    Shoji, I didn’t know you’ve been biking!? That’s pretty brave with all those hills around your house – ‘Mount’ Washington!

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