Winner of Name This Track

Last month I posted this short sample of one of the new EP 5 tracks and asked for name suggestions:


And the winner is….  drum roll please…

“Help I’m a Bug”!  Dylan’s early suggestion set a high bar.  I felt like this title really captures the playful mood of the track and it’s hard not to smile when you hear that name.  Also there is a UK producer called the BUG whose album is on high rotation and is one of my current obsessions so perhaps that swayed my vote:)

Thanks to everyone for submitting their track names!  I had a lot of fun hearing what kinds of images were conjured up by the track. I’ll definitley do something like this again!  Also EP 5 is finally done!!!  It’s getting burned and packaged as I type this so look for it soon!


3 Responses to “Winner of Name This Track”

  1. Dylan says:

    Woo! I’m going to Disneyland!

  2. shoji says:

    Hey Dylan I’m also taking name suggestions for a record label:)

  3. Dylan says:

    How about Turtle Flipper Records? Then your logo can be a spatula.

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