Reno, Kris’ Macgyver skills and a new koto

When you live in Los Angeles it’s very easy to forget how foul weather can be just a few short hours away. On our way to Reno we ran into a blizzard through the Sierras. Luckily the thoughtful staff at UNR called to warn us about the storm. Still it was hard for me to conceptualize putting chains on our van while reading that email in shorts and 80 degree weather that morning. Thank goodness Maz actually took the warning to heart and packed a proper snow jacket and gloves. We had a horrible time with putting chains on our van and once we got them on they broke! Kris then channeled his inner Macgyver and repaired the show chains by linking the disconnected sections with a key chain ring. All was saved!

It’s a good thing we made it because the performance was fantastic!  The audience was very enthusiastic and the staff and sound engineers at the hall were all top notch.  A big thank you goes out to CJ for bringing us out to Reno and to Chris, Rich, Bob, Scott and the rest of the staff for all of their work.  We worked two new pieces into the concert and reworked another piece dramatically.  I was very pleased with the flow of the second half with the new pieces and feel like our program keeps getting better and better.  We have some recordings that I’ll post in the next couple of days.  Then to top it all off after the concert a woman came up to us and gave us a koto! Thank you Akiko-san for the wonderful gift and we’ll put it to good use!

6 Responses to “Reno, Kris’ Macgyver skills and a new koto”

  1. Laura says:

    You are all so resourceful…..respect all those other skills you have in addition to the musical/artistic

  2. Jason says:

    haha Kris is wearing shorts in the snow! omg

  3. maz says:

    jason – are you really that surprised???

  4. Lana says:

    You guys put on a truly wonderful performance! I’m so glad we were able to hang out … thanks for sharing all of your inspiring stories!! I’ll have to make my way to ShastaYama this year, for sure.

  5. shoji says:

    Hey Lana – great seeing you in Reno! Jason – it would be more shocking if he were not in shorts:)

  6. maz says:

    thanks lana b. it was awesome to see you. it’s also awesome that you already got accepted to a grad school! congrats and keep us posted if you come down our way.

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