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We’re nearing completion of our new tracks for EP 5 and I have a fun experiment for readers.  This track is actually based on a groove from a song called Zeecha!! that has fallen out of the performance repertoire.  A while back I had recorded two amazing percussionists Somnath Roy and Patrick Graham playing along to the groove and I thought it would be to remix what we had recorded for a track on EP 5.  Here’s the opening minute of the track:


As you can see the track has no name right now and this is where your feedback comes into to play.  Post your ideas for names for this track and I’ll pick a winner and we’ll put it on EP 5!  It doesn’t need to be descriptive in any way or even make much sense, the more creative the title the better!

10 Responses to “Name this track”

  1. Dylan says:

    How about “Help I’m a Bug”?

  2. shoji says:

    Great suggestion Dylan! Awesome… I’ve been listening to Metric recently and now I have “Help I’m a bug my heart keeps beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer…” stuck in my head.

  3. dude!!
    you totally rock. period.
    name: ‘You’re Standing in the Way of My Space Modulator’

  4. shoji says:

    Hey Patrick! I had forgotten all about this then I opened up the session the other day and was inspired! I’m using about 1/100th of the stuff you put down. I could do a whole album on all the stuff you played. Can’t wait for you hear the other tracks as well!

  5. hey shoji what about “hell’s kitchen” but is that some reality show these days in the U.S.? more unique “creaking crazy aircraft aluminum” and more poetic inspiration coming from tokyo. much love, yuri

  6. shoji says:

    Hey Yuri! Yes unfortunately that name has been taken over by the tv show but “creaking crazy aircraft aluminum” sounds intriguing:)

  7. Linda says:

    Barnyard, or Print Track (I watched the video of the printing process right before this…)
    come to mind. ah, but you said it didn’t have to make sense… (neither really do)

  8. shoji says:

    Linda – thanks for the suggestions for the track title! i like Barnyard especially since there is a lot of mutated cowbell on the track:)

  9. sasen says:

    Pinball Heights

    I feel like a shiny little ball bouncing around a pinball machine that has these all the neat sample and bits of melodies triggered by various targets that I hit. As the energy builds, the ball gets deftly sent into crazy high-point features, with ramps, tunnels, and blinky lights… it’s a rube-goldbergy party in there! I know this is just the intro, but so far, there’s a pattern of upwards momentum and quick, fun gratification with dancehall breakdowns as the ball rushes down, and it then gets bumped back up even higher.

  10. shoji says:

    Sansen – thanks for the suggestion! I can totally picture that music video!

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