Call for suggestions

Okay so I’ve been thinking recently about how to make our website more interactive and use this forum in more engaging ways.  So far I’ve come up with two ideas and want to see what you all think.  One would be compose a new song by website feedback.  It would basically work like this we would upload short clips of possible song ideas then you would be able to comment on which one you like.  Then we’d go back to the studio with the clip with the most feedback then present two more possibilites and the process would continue until we had a finished song.

The other idea would be to put up on the website al the parts for one of our songs like “Gengakki” then all of you could download the parts re-arrange or remix the song and we’d upload the remixed songs for everyone’s enjoyement.


6 Responses to “Call for suggestions”

  1. Ayumi says:

    I like the first idea… reminds me of when you’d tell me stories as a kid and I’d get to “choose my own adventure”!

  2. Brent says:

    I trust your professional judgment a lot more than I do mine in terms of composition and musicianship…and mixing, and, and…

    That being said, if you post tracks better believe I will be downloading, cutting, chopping, and remixing until my sampler screen burns out (again). Either way, I’m in for whatever you decide.

  3. Emi says:

    How is Devo like On Ensemble? (okay, it’s not exactly the same idea, but. . . )

  4. shoji says:

    I like Devo and On Ensemble in the same sentence:) Their version is an audience feedback survey is pretty awesome. Hmmm…

  5. emi says:

    well, it was my first post EVER so, I figured. . .it should include Devo. . .

  6. Does this mean you guys will wear hats??
    perhaps incorporate some whips into the repertoire….
    ; )

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