Marantz 4140 and Infinity Column II project

Several years ago a friend and mentor of mine (thanks Steve!) gave me his old stereo set up that was taking up space in his garage.  The set-up I inherited was a Marantz 4140, a Yamaha GE-60 graphic equalizer and a pair of Infinity Column II speakers.  His cat had clawed the bottom woofers in the column II’s and the foam had long since deteriorated.  I set them up in my apartment and immediately got a complaint from the downstairs neighbor so I disconnected the system and have been lugging it around Los Angeles for the past couple of years from tiny apartment to tiny apartment just biding my time…


After my wife and I closed on our first home this summer it was finally time to break it out.  First I opened the Marantz, cleaned the potentiometers and replaced the four lamps that had burned out.  I also used some stainless steel cleaner to clean the faceplate and got it looking all shiny and new.  There were some deeper problem that so I took it to Audio Specialist in Glendale who specializes in repairing vintage audio equipment.  Then I refoamed the four woofers after watching a couple of youtube videos and talking with the guys at the local speaker repair shop who were extremely helpful.

I then plugged it in…  turned it on… and my life changed.  The system sounded so good I couldn’t believe it.  I can’t believe my fortune in having been given such a great set up.  The best part of having an actual house is being able to listen to music at a proper level.  My wife disagrees but I firmly believe that some kinds of music demand to listened to at a certain level.  Kelvin will agree with me on this point.  Have you every tried to listen to the beginning of “Bombtrack” at a level appropriate for background music for polite conversation?  It completelly sucks! And that’s one of the best openings of a rock album of all time IM(not so)HO.  So it’s in the middle of the night I’ve got the latest Silversun Pickup’s album blasting and life is good.

4 Responses to “Marantz 4140 and Infinity Column II project”

  1. Brent says:

    Man, the system sounded great Shoj. And it looks pretty awesome as well. The Amp’s meters look sweet and the glow of the EQ is a beautiful thing. Damn near got me teary eyed… Oh and Rage without volume is like hip-hop with no low end – just not the same.

  2. shoji says:

    I knew you’d understand;)

  3. Steve says:

    Hey Shoji,

    Um . . . the last time those speakers were used for listening “at a certain level” they were playing Mahler 5. :)

  4. shoji says:

    Hey Steve… hmm right. okay. i’ll add that to the cue:) this could be a great challenge: try to come up with a play list that goes from Bomb Track to Mahler 5.

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