Catching up on practice

Short-term, personal goal:

For the next 10 days, I will average more than two hours of concentrated, taiko practice per day.

My shamisen teacher was in town last week (videos coming soon!) for 10 days of non-stop nagauta, the music of Kabuki. While I made huge strides in my shamisen playing, I’ve neglected my daily taiko practice. See the pitiful amount of purple (personal practice) toward the end of the graph below? How sad! Working toward my goal of 10,000 hours of practice, I’m trying to average at least an hour a day. So I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

Due to the way I calculate my practice time, two hours is actually more like four hours at the drums. And because I have appointments over the next week, I’ll have to aim for more than four hours most days to keep my average up. I’m stating this publicly with the hopes it’ll help me stay on track.

If you see me between now and Feb 2, tell me to stop chatting/skateboarding/whatever and to get drumming. If anyone else wants to practice, let me know! Strength in numbers!

2 Responses to “Catching up on practice”

  1. Matt says:

    Ah! I think “short-term” goals are important. All too often we say, “this is my goal…” – but we leave out the little details on how to actually make it happen. It’s good that you know what you need to do to stay on track with your goal. :)

  2. Margaret says:

    Go Kris go! I hope you’re still protecting your enjoyment of taiko practice even when you’ve decided to put in catch-up time.

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