2009 FoundatiOn Team fund drive now underway!

Please help On Ensemble reach our goal of $10,000!

Now accepting donations online!

In preparation for Works in Progress, we have begun the 2009 FoundatiOn Team fund drive!  Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year, enabling the creation of a whole concert of brand-new music.  This self-produced concert is our once-a-yearvenue for high-risk, high-potential new music and I think we’ve got some potentially revolutionary taiko pieces!

Every donor to the fund drive gets the 2009 limited-edition FoundatiOn Team CD, with brand-new studio tracks from On Ensemble!  Donors can receive the newly-designed FoundatiOn Team t-shirt (made with organic cotton!), a recycled-cotton grocery bag with the On Ensemble logo, and quarterly love letters from On Ensemble members!

cdtshirt bag letter

In addition, I’m particularly excited about a one-of-a-kind collaboration to bring hands-on taiko workshops to Los Angeles public-school students.  We have partnered with Glassell Park Elementary to integrate taiko workshops with the school’s curriculum. For every $1000 we raise, On Ensemble will provide a hands-on workshop, specifically designed for 4th and 5th-grade students, free of charge to Glassell Park Elementary! With our goal of $10,000, we’ll provide a series of nine workshops, plus a final performance involving the students!

kid glassell_park_elem

I’ve thought long and hard about how to make this year’s fundraising campaign special; how it could maximize your contribution. I’m proud to say, this is it!
With your donation, you become a member of the FoundatiOn Team and…
• You empowerthe creation of exciting, new taiko music
• You enable hands-on arts education for public school students
• You step in where arts funding has fallen short
• You take advantage of the best donation deal in town!

But I know I haven’t convinced you yet…

̄The FoundatiOn Team
The FoundatiOn Team is On Ensemble’s core group of supporters and has been absolutely critical to the group’s development and musical success.  Started in 2004, the FoundatiOn Team came together to support adventurous, contemporary taiko music.  No other funding source has done that for us.  Not grants.  Not corporate sponsorship.  Only the FoundatiOn Team.

California arts funding is ailing

I am sad to report that again in 2009, now the seventh year in a row, California ranks last in the nation in per-capita arts funding.  Furthermore, the United States as a whole ranks last in many arts-funding comparisons, including a 2005 study of public arts grants in thirteen countries by the Canada Council for the Arts.  This lack of public arts funding also extends to arts education in California — California elementary students receive 35% less music and visual arts instruction than the national average.
On Ensemble’s Mission
On Ensemble believes that art, music, and taiko are valuable contributions to our society.  We believe that arts should be accessible, that music should be shared, that children should be exposed to enriching musical experiences, and that taiko should grow and prosper in North America.  Thankfully, we have the FoundatiOn Team, to help make this mission a reality.  The FoundatiOn Team members step in where public and corporate funding fall short, saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing, because I too believe that music, the arts, and taiko are valuable.”  Your support makes On Ensemble’s work possible.

Best Bang for the Buck
I firmly believe that On Ensemble is one of the best organizations anywhere at stretching your donation dollar to do the most good. On Ensemble is a lean organization with a concentrated focus on advancing the artform of taiko.  With our 2009 goal of $10,000, we are accomplishing a surprising amount; we are developing a concert’s-worth of exciting, new music, self-producing a performance in a community venue at affordable ticket prices, and providing ten, free, hands-on workshops to public school students.  That’s a lot of taiko bangs for your buck!  We’ve also done everything we can to reduce expenses for Works in Progress.
On Ensemble members have agreed to reduced pay. We’ve called in a favor with a good cook friend to help us make our own meals for the crew on the day of the show. Our sound engineer, one of the most respected engineers for taiko in the world, is donating her time to make this performance happen.

Support that Fits You

One of the most democratic aspects of the donation system is that you decide how much to give.  You decide how much you value On Ensemble’s music, what you can afford, and how to weigh On Ensemble’s work against the other causes you support.  You needn’t give any more than you are comfortable. $5 goes a long way in On Ensemble, and every dollar gets us closer to our goal!

Home-made, Green Thank-You Gifts!

To show our appreciation for your donation, we have prepared a number of handmade thank-you gifts.  I’ve tried to make these gifts truly reflect On Ensemble’s values – our love of music, concern for the earth, and our heart-felt appreciation of your support.

cdAll Donors! — Limited-edition CD single

Donate any amount and you receive the 2009 FoundatiOn Team CD single! This brand-new CD features On Ensemble’s most recent studio recordings.  Not available anywhere else, only a handful of these CDs will ever be made.  What better way to thank you for supporting our music, than with some hot-off-the-presses music!

tshirt$50 Level — Organic cotton t-shirt
In addition to the FoundatiOn Team CD, this year’s donors who give $50 or more receive the 2009 FoundatiOn Team t-shirt, designed by Qris Yamashita and printed on organic cotton!  These high-quality shirts are hand-printed with the FoundatiOn Team logo: “FoundatiOn Team — Supporting the creation of new taiko music”.

bag$150 Level — Reclaimed cotton grocery bag
I am very excited about On Ensemble’s greenest thank-you gift: an all-recycled cotton grocery bag printed with the On Ensemble logo!  The fabric is 95% reclaimed cotton, with an innovative, double-handle design.  I have personally sewed an interior pocket (also with reclaimed cotton) for re-using your plastic produce bags!

letter$300 Level — Quarterly love letters

Members at the $300 level receive all of the above, plus a personal letter from each member of On Ensemble!  Every three months for a year, you’ll receive a love letter from an On Ensemble member.  Last year’s donors received seasonal recipes, spices, and gifts from our travels!

These hand-made gifts are our way of expressing appreciation for your contribution. We know the real reason you’re giving is to support the music you love!  You are stepping in where arts-funding has fallen short. Your donation directly empowers On Ensemble to continue to produce the adventurous, original taiko music that you appreciate.

Please make your donation today and help us reach our goal of $10,000 and ten, free workshops for Glassell Park Elementary!  Take a moment to make your donation online now.  You’ll make Works in Progress a grand success.  You’ll be a member of the core group of supporters that empowers On Ensemble to do its work.  When On Ensemble “makes it”, you’ll say, “Oh, On Ensemble… I’ve been friends with them for years…” When a student feels the rush of playing taiko for the first time, you’ll be a member of the FoundatiOn Team they’re thanking.

Thank you in advance for whatever level of support you are able to provide.  I look forward to seeing you at Works in Progress, or beyond!

— Kris

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  1. Stacey Nakasone says:

    Sorry for the delay in showing my support for the intriguing work with which you fellows always delight and astonish me. I just got back from 3 weeks in Cuba. Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

  2. Kris says:

    Welcome home, Stacey, and happy new year to you too! You are our 100th donor!!! Thank you, thank you!

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