Switzerland trip video

My dad and I spent about a week in Switzerland. I had a good time playing around with my new camera, a Panasonic GH1. While I hate to contribute to the tragic “vacation video” genre, here is a little something I put together from the trip, using music I saw in Zurich and Lucerne. It was my first time editing video but the fantastic kdenlive program made it fun!

Lessons learned:
Switzerland is incredible
Random dances with your dad are fun
The train depot is a great place to compose at any hour

Downloadable version here. Caution, HUGE file!

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5 Responses to “Switzerland trip video”

  1. hiro says:

    AWESOME!!! I really like it. Good work, Kuri!

  2. Matt says:

    I agree with Hiro! I love the fast camera switching, the live music you edited too, the many different areas and scenery on the trip, AND the ending is awesome. =) I look forward to future Kris Productions!! :D

  3. shoji says:

    Yeah, nice video Kris! I’m really excited that you are getting excited about video editing! Woohoo… My favorite scenes are the one of you practicing at the train depot and the dance numbers with your dad. I can imagine a whole series of these “Kris and John dance around the world” videos:)

  4. Sweeeeeet! looks like you two kids had a fabulous time!
    awesome video- i also like the dance steps and the Segway tour.

  5. maz says:

    cool! what bpm was the train going by at? your dad is cute. makes me want to share a cookie with him. the ice cave was pretty neat…

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