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newhomeIt has been a crazy couple of weeks.  The biggest news for me is that I’m now a home owner!  My wife and I closed on our first house in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles a couple of days ago.  The house search was an all consuming process and I probably would’ve gone crazy or ended up settling for much less if it wasn’t for our realtor Marc Kondo.  Marc is like a walking encyclopedia of architecture and real estate in the Los Angeles area and he really took time to teach us about what to look for and helped us through every step of the way to find our perfect first home.  Thanks Marc!

After we closed we had four days to clean, move and paint before I left for Mongolia.  This is when it’s really great to have family around!  My brother-in-law and in-laws helped us move all of our large items in one day then we spent two days painting furiously.  Or I should say my in-laws spent two days painting furiously while I had one minor disaster after another.  One comic episode involved me cursing for dropping paint on the floor climbing down a ladder and stepping in the paint then bending down to wipe the paint off of my foot only to sit on the open paint can.  I also had no idea I could care so much about the infinite varieties of off-white.  I used to think white is you know white…  wrong.  There are zillions upon zillions of shades of off-white from bluish ones to yellowish ones to grayish ones with a touch of yellow with fanciful names like Canyon Cloud, Bleached Almond, Eggshell, and Clear Moon.  The seat of my shorts are now Apple Core colored.

In the middle of the move I boarded a plane for NY and am boarding a plane for Mongolia today.  Whew.  Much craziness and much to do when I return to Los Angeles but for the next month I’ll be in Mongolia and the East Coast as part of the Khoomei-Taiko Ensemble.  The next post will be from Mongolia!

6 Responses to “Home owner”

  1. Shoji- Congrats, Amigo!!

  2. Charlie Shiranui says:

    Omedetou Shoji! One of the big achievements of life is home ownership! And, yes, there are like 400 versions of ‘off white’ to be found. Though I never SAT in a can of paint, I’ve accidentally stepped into one, then clumped around, out of balance, and stepped into another one with my other foot. Paint can shoes. So, … I can relate. :)

  3. maz says:

    Yeah! Can’t wait to see the new place! Congrats and safe safe travels to Mongolia.

  4. Kris says:

    Amazing! On Ensemble’s first home owner! Congratulations, Shoji and Emi!

  5. Congrats, Shoji!!! Home ownership… whoo!

  6. CT says:

    Amazing! On Ensemble’s first home owner! Congratulations, Shoji and Emi!

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