Great song, but the ending sucked…

On Ensemble does a sound check before our performances.  Step one is to make some noise on each mic’ed instrument so the sound engineer can test things out.  Step two is to play a set of instruments in context so she/he can get a sense of the overall mix of things.

Kelvin ends his sound check on the drum kit with a “whole kit” jam, playing until the sound person says okay.  He’s just goofing around and making it up as he goes, but it’s always awesome.  It’s so good, people often say something like, “Great song, but the ending sucked…”

Here’s an example…

2 Responses to “Great song, but the ending sucked…”

  1. it’s true…. he needs to work on the ending part.
    ; )

  2. Margaret says:

    Two words: more cowbell.

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