Order your 30 Days set now for round 3!


Order your “30 Days to Better Shime” printed workbook/CD/desk calendar set today for delivery at Taiko Conference!

I’ve just finished preparing printed sets for round three of the “30 Days to Better Shime” program, Aug 22 through Sept 20.  Hundreds of taiko players from around the world will be joining me for 30 days of at-home shime practice!

Order your set today by sending me an email (kris at OnEnsemble dot org) or calling 310-350-8825!

About the program –

30 Days to Better Shime is a one-of-a-kind program of shime-daiko drills, challenges, and tests to improve small drum technique!  Daily, 15-minute exercises cover a wide range of topics, from basic hand coordination, to timing, and creativity.  Participants use the program’s workbook and companion audio files to learn key drills for improving speed, control, and dexterity.  The program has been utiziled by over 400 taiko players in 13 countries

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3 Responses to “Order your 30 Days set now for round 3!”

  1. Holy Mackerel, KB!
    when do you sleep exactly???
    you are making me feel very slacker-esque!!

  2. Sergio says:

    Aloha! I purchased the set at Taiko Jam and I love it. On day 4 as of today. TOO MANY DOTS! hahaha!

  3. kris says:

    Thank you, Sergio!

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