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Our good friend and super talented composer Christopher Tin gave “Ume in the Middle” a nice write up on his blog.

It’s pretty fantastic work. The On Ensemble is a neo-taiko (or taiko fusion, if you will) ensemble; they blend traditional Japanese taiko drumming with electronic beats, turntables, beat-boxing, Tuvan throat singing, and other fantastic sonic tricks.

Kris and I played taiko with Chris at Stanford and even back then he a reputation of being scary talented.  He’s gone on to compose movie and video game soundtracks and is currently working on an album of twelve songs in twelve  different languages called  “Calling All Dawns”.  On Ensemble will be featured on “Madokara Mieru” and I haven’t heard from Chris when the album might be out but what I’ve heard sounds amazing.

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  1. kris says:

    Thanks for the review, Tinman! Glad you liked the album. I hope Calling All Dawns is coming together smoothly!

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