Professional taiko player = Tetris master?

Being on tour is a lot of packing and unpacking.  During this last trip we gradually figured out a way to fit everything and leave the passengers a bit of wiggle room.  Here is a montage of our first pack.  Hope I remember the final version!


8 Responses to “Professional taiko player = Tetris master?”

  1. i agree with Ayumi. very informative post!
    but, hey: where do the rice cooker, seaweed- bean salad, oreo cookie boxes, and other vegan essentials fit in to this van?
    shots of the driver’s compartment could be the subject of future photo essays….
    ; )

  2. maz says:

    haha! well, fortunately kris is very low-maintenance with his personal hygiene and appearance. a toothbrush, a couple pairs each of shorts and t-shirts and he’s set! along with the rice cooker and other food, he only has one small suitcase… although the last x-country tour, he did have a giant gallon GLASS jug of maple syrup…

    on the other side, i’m the high-maintenance guy who likes to style his hair and has contacts and glasses since i was doomed from when i was born with my both parents being blind. but i don’t bring any food which is probably why i gain weight on tours… eating all the crap food…

    shoj is the best. very low-maintenance, but he’s always gotta have his coffee. always have to stop at the coffee shop to get the caffeine buzz and a happy shoj. =)

  3. ooh, i remember the Gargantuan Glass Maple Syrup Jug from Vermont.
    is it all done, i wonder??
    and did he share any of it at all???

  4. kris says:

    I’m not sharing one drop! We have about 2/3 jar left. With Hiro using it for all sweetening (she doesn’t use refined sugar), it looks like a gallon lasts us about a year. :)

  5. Kris- you want i bring a maple tree down with me to LA for you and Hiro!?
    make your own syrup!
    ; )

  6. maz says:

    or maybe you can run a tap from montreal straight into Kris’ water tap in torrance.

  7. hhm….yeah…. a new North American Pipeline!
    Fabulous idea!!
    can you pipe up some wine in exchange???

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